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Joseph & Marcella Keel Everett, NC ca. 1868 Belmont Estate, Home of Dr. Charles Everett, VA Ann Eliza Adelaide Everett, daughter Addison Everett, UT Andersonville Nat'l Cemetery, J.H. Everett, TN 2nd Regiment Edward Everett Statue, Boston
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As former editors of the Everett Generations Newsletter (2000-2006), we are expanding our former website to make available many of the resources from our newsletter to assist other researchers and to create a central location for the exchange and sharing of information on Everett genealogy.

This site will be continually expanding and developing as we process new data and receive input from other researchers. Here are some special features of the website:

DNA Project

The Everett DNA Project began in 2002 and currently has over 60 DNA profiles from around the world including the surname spellings of Everett, Everitt, Evered, Everard, Everette, and Evatt.

Bulletin Board

Please check out the bulletin board to see if you can locate someone else researching your line.  We encourage you to post your own questions and family information.

Newsletter Indexes

We have made available the indexes to all issues of the Everett Generations newsletter (2000-2006),  You may browse through to see if there is information of intere

Everett Biographies and Stories

Here is a collection of biographical sketches and stories of many early Everett families that we have collected over the years.

Early Origins

This section provides an overview and data on the earliest origins of Everett families in the USA and Europe.

Everett Families of the South

We have been researching our family line and other Everett families in the southern states since 1990.  We are preserving that research here and incorporating data from our former Everett Families of the South website.

Photo Gallery

We have started with photos from our collection.  We hope you will contribute your historical photos.

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