A Family History Written for Dr. A.C. Everett by his uncle, W.I. Everett

Craig A. Everett, Interpreted

This is the line that goes back to Aaron Everett on July 8, 1635 with Leonard Bates as master, bound for VA. It is said that those bearing the names of Everett were of the New England States.

Charles Everett and his wife were said to arrived from London to Williamsburg, VA in 1632. They landed at Jamestown. He was supposedly a brother of Aaron Everett. There are also mentions of the Southern branches of Everett's. We start with the four sons and two daughters of Charles Everett.

John, Thomas, Rowley, Jessie, Lucretia and Sarah. (These were the characteristics of the males and female.)

(1) John Everett had Thomas (1742-1837) and Carmen. Thomas and Craven married. Thomas had two sons: Charles and John D. Everett. Craven had two daughters. They left VA and located in Queen Anne County, MD.

(2) Thomas Everett moved beyond the Potomac and is probably the father of the Eastern Shore Everett's. (They have him moving to the Eastern Shore, while he is with Thomas and Lawrence Everett.) Thomas and Lawrence moved to Anson County, NC prior to the wars of 1776. Thomas served for seven years there.                                                                                                                          

        (1) Thomas Everett (1744-1837), who married Elizabeth Covington (d.1820). His sons and daughter's were Lawrence C. Everett, John C. Everett, William Everett, Rebecca Everett, Henry Everett and several daughters. He served three months under Captain Floyd against the Indians in 1775. Floyd. Served in the regular army from 1775 to 1780, first under Captain David Love and later under William Hunter.  Colonel was Thomas Crawford and Captain/Colonel Edward Williams. Thomas applied for a pension in 1832 when he was 90 years of age. He lived five years after his application was allowed. He declined to ask for a pension until feeble and alone. His children either were dead or moved.                                                                                                               

                    (2) Lawrence C. Everett who married Mary Thomas, b1774 and died in 1844. He descendants were Baxton C. Everett (married Mary Adams), Calvin A. Everett (b.1807 and died 1873; married Anne Ewing), William T Everett (married Fanny Daniels), John W. Everett, Sarah Everett (married William Ewing), Betsy Everett (married Jesse Pritchard) and Mary Ann Everett (married William Avant). Calvin was the only one of the seven children who remained in NC.

                                    (3) Calvin A. Everett (1807-1873) married Ann Ewing. The descendent married were Elizabeth Everett (married G.B. Bingham), W.I. Everett (married Fannie H.), Lawrence T. Everett (married Mattie W. Covington - great grandmother), Mary A. Everett died. Sarah F. Everett (married John D. McLaurin), Joseph C. Everett (married Emma McLaurin), John F. Everett (first married Rachael Cole and secondly Mary Steed).

                                                          (4) Thomas Calvin Everett (1869-1943), grandfather of John Malloy Everett, was Laurinburg, NC important citizens. He was one of the most successful farmers and served three terms as judge of Scotland County draft board during World War I. He was a legislator in the NC Assembly and graduate from the University of North Carolina. He served on many committees. His obituary states: "Cab Everett, as he was affectionately known, was an exceptional man in many ways. He had a keen and disciplied mind. He appreciate the finer things of live. He was warm-hearted and a way of living that is rapidly vanishing....As a legislator, as a public official, he was true and honorable upholding the standard of morality and decency and service the best interest of his community....In his death the community suffers an irreparable loss and many feel a personal loss in his going away." 

                                                           (4) Lawrence T. Everett were descended by Mary Everett (married J. Thomas Johnson), Thomas Clavin Everett (married Annice Shaw), Wiltiam Lawrence Everett (married Ada Webster), Arey C. Everett (married Ella Spencer), Roberta Dixon Everett (married B.F. Smoot), Annetta Everett (married A.D. McLean), Robert Covington Everett (married Hannie Hemphill), Louise Everett (married Robert C. Adams), George T. Everett (married Grace Beale), Harry Lyon Everett (was unmarried), Martha Washington Everett (married Alex Gregg).

                                                           (4) Joseph Calvin Everett b.1846 and d.1924. He married Emily McLaurin and 10 children were     follows:                                                              Mollie, Lily, Wilbur, Joseph, Lawrence, Frank, Lena, Emily, Edgar, and Virginia.                                                                      

                                                            (4) John F. Everett b.1850 and is living at Bennettsville. His (1) wife, Rachel Cole, married in 1871. She died 1890. They were born eight children. His (2) wife, 1892 in Mary Steed and they had one daughter. 


        (2) John D. Everett lived for years in the northern neck of VA but spent the latter part of his life in Lewis County, KY. He raised a family of nine sons and several daughters. His first wife was Denny/Duny and he had two children. His second wife was Alice Handford of Culpepper County, VA. His wife were Charles, Jackson, Thomas, Joseph, John, and Harrison. His daughter were Martha, Alice Julia, Ruth, and Louisa.

        (2) Charles Everett graduate in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 1796. He settled in Virginia and practiced medicine for years and was a member of the Virginia Legislature.

(2) Rawley Everett lived and died in the northern neck of Virginia. He left three married sons, John, William and Simeon. Simeon lived and died in Bedford County, VA and had four sons and two daughter: John, Samuel, Nathan, Peter.

(2) Jessie Everett moved to the North Carolina and had several sons. (Jessie is assumed that his migration to NC was the nucleus to the other counties.

(2) Lucretia Everett married Henry Carter. They had  one son, Thomas Carter, and several daughters.

(2) Sarah Everett married Mr. Miller and they had three sons: John, Thomas, George and several daughters.