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We have collected these data from many sources over the past 15 years. While the accuracy of many of these secondary sources is always in question, we are posting the data to assist of Everett researchers in linking their family lines to British roots. To assist you we have provided a carefully prepared list of References. Many of the sources are from indexes and lists from original British records of passengers, emigrants, apprentices, and convicts who made the journey to America. While there are indexes (e.g., Filby’s) which site references to other sources, we may not have these other sources listed either because we could not locate them or we have not pursued them.

To be comprehensive in providing resources for researchers, we are also listing the references to Everett arrivals which appear in a variety of Everett surname books and papers. However, we want to be clear that many of these references have no documentation, or the documentation was not identified by the Everett authors. Some of these early individuals have often been identified and cited by a number of sources, but they should not be assumed to be accurate until further documentation is provided. We identify these in our list with asteriks (**). We also provide authors’ notes with some of these citations.

These data are an ongoing project and we will make additions and further clarifications as new data and resources become available. Our Everett DNA Project has generated a great deal of interest in identifying British origins and at present we have several research groups exploring the DNA-suggested links to several geographical locations in the UK.

We invite other researchers to email us with your additions and/or clarifications. We want to thank Jane Stubbs Bailey, an Everett researcher in Maryland, for her review and clarification of parts of our list.

All of the following names are recorded as EVERETT/EVERITT surnames unless the exceptional spelling is listed.


1. 1620 – ANDREW, Maine
2. 1620 – JOHN EVERED, Boston
3. 1620 – STEPHEN, Massachusetts
4. 1634/35 – RICHARD, Watertown/Dedham, MA
5. 1635 – JOHN, New England
6. 1635 – JOHN and STEPHEN EVERED, New England
7. 1635 – JOHN EVERED, Massachusetts
8. 1635 – CHRISTOPHER, Charles River Co., VA
9. 1635 – AARON, Virginia
10. 1635 – JOHN, Boston

Arrivals By State


1630 – CHRISTOPHER** AVERITT Charles Co. from Cornwall, b.1590,
a weaver arrived with Capt. Chelsman, bound for 3yrs. (Note: this is an undocumented reference by Averitt1 which is often cited by other sources. See Christoper, 1635 below)

1635 – CHRISTOPHER EVERETT/AVERITT Charles River Co., transported by Lt. John Cheeseman, arrived November 21 York Co.; transported with 12 persons by Lt. Cheeseman who received 600acs on the New Poquoson River and Oyster Creek, land adjacent to William Hawkins, York Co.22, 24, 29
Other passengers: Phillip Aunt, Edward Cotterell, Jane Bolton, Robert Corbett, Richard Duning, Richare Ward, Georg Carter, Richard Banks, John Hanwell, Mathias (a negro), and Mary (a negro).
(Note: Several undocumented sources have suggested that Christopher had sons born in Cornwall. Averitt’s undocumented report stated that Christopher was born in Cornwall in 1590, a weaver by trade, and that he arrived in Charles County, VA in 1630 on a ship captained by a Chelsman and was "bound for his passage for three years." He was reported that he had two sons, Jacob, b. 1616, who emigrated to Warwick Co., VA, and James, b. 1622, who arrived in Virginia in 1638 - see below.)

1635 – AARON arrived at age 20yo with a bride, sailed from Gravesend on July 6 1635 on the ship Paule of London (71 men and 13 women on board, including Samuel Symonds, 30yo) with Leonard Betts, Ship Master, and a Certificate from the Minister of Gravesend for their Conformity to the Church of England.7, 22, 25, 36, 38 (Note: some undocumented sources have suggested that Aaron was the brother of William Charles, below, and that he moved to New England.)

1635/1640 – WILLIAM CHARLES EVERETT** and ANNE Symons** Williamsburg 18, 41 (Note: these remain undocumented sources with differing dates. Milton Everett 18 wrote that these two "debarked on the mouth of the James River, and unloaded onto a barge, the Paul Jones. Kinard Hawkins was its captain. They landed in Jamestown and settled in Williamsburg, Virginia." Robert Lewis Everett 41 reported, based on data from a Salt Lake City genealogist, that this couple arrived in 1640 and that the wife’s maiden name was Symons. See 1656 William & Ann Everat below.)

1638(?) – JACOB AVERITT** Warwick Co. b.1616 in Cornwall 1 (See Christopher above)

1638 – JAMES AVERITT** Charles Co. b. 1622 in Cornwall, moved from VA to
Stanford, CT, served as Capt. of Indian Company in French/Indian War, d.1700.1 (Note: Several undocumented sources have suggested that this James was the son of Christopher - see above - who arrived in 1635.)

1645 – JOHN EVERE Northampton Co., transported by John Nuthall24

1648 – THOMAS EVERARD Isle of Wight, transported by John King and Lawrence Ward 22, 24

1651 – JOANE EVERETTE Yorke Co., transported by Robert Abrall 22, 24, 31

1654 – CLEMENT from Stone, Gloucestershire bound to Francis Jones, a mariner, to serve 3yrs.8, 16, 22, 40

1654-1663 – ROBERT EVERET 22, 40

before 1656 – GEORGE Northumberland Co. (1656-1711) transported by Col. Richard Lee and Miles Dixon who received.a headright on March 4, 1656, m. Mary Taylor. Children: GEORGE, THOMAS 26, 31, 41

1656 – WILLIAM & ANN EVERAT were married previously in England before being transported by Symon Symons. Symons received a 300 acre grant in the NW branch of the Nansemond River for the transportation of William and Ann, and four other individuals. (Note: Robert Louis Everett 41 reported that Ann(e) was a Symons but arrived with her husband in 1640 [See above]. Russell Barrett 42 suggested that there were a considerable number of intermarriages between the Everetts and Symons in this area of Virgina and believed that Ann was Symons’ daughter. Jane Stubbs Bailey has suggested that Symon Symons may have been too young to father Ann and that she was possibly his sister. William and Ann’s children may have included a SIMON and a JOHN, but there is little documentation of this.) 22, 24, 41, 42

1658 – MICHAELL from Bristol, a tanner, bound to John Weaver, mariner,

1658 – MARTHA EVERARD 16,22

1659 – ROBERT EVERET from Bishops Stortford, Hertsfordshire, a yeoman bound to Theophilus Hone, 4yrs. 7,16

1662 – HENRY EVERE 16

1663-1679 – PHILLIP EVERARD 22

1664 – GRACE & MARY BANNER from Bristol, apprentice to HUGH EVERETT for 4yrs 7

1664 – JAMES STAMPE & JOANE PITTS from Bristol, apprentice to

1664 – JAMES SMITH from Bristol, apprentice to HUGH EVERETT, 4yrs.7

1666 – WILLIAM 31

1666 – PHILLIP 16

1668 – FRANCIS 31

1670 – ROGER 30

1670 – ROBERT SKELTON from Bristol arrived on the ship Truelove, apprentice to ABRAHAM EVERETT 7

1672 – AMBROSE 28

1672 – ELIZABETH 30

1690 – RUTH 28

1701 – FRANCIS 22, 28

1714 – ANNE 28

1723 – ROBERT ( possibly Maryland or Pennsylvania ) age 15 6,27

1730 – ROBERT Port South Potomack, Virginia, a felon, transported from
Middlesex via London on the Forward

1731 – JOHN, a felon, transported from London on the Forward 4,22

1774 – ELIZABETH age 21 22,23,38

1774 – ROBERT age 21 5,22,23,38

1774 – JOSEPH age 14, a felon, transported from Middlesex via London on the



1656 – SUSAN 32

1664 – ARTHUR EVITT Somerset Co. identified as a headright for transportation
wife MARY Gray and Children: GEORGE, WILLIAM

1665 – NATHANIEL and ELLENOR EVETT, daughter MARY "immigrated to Maryland in 1665," born 1634-died 1683, he lived in Talbot and Kent Cos.
(The records are not clear about the location from which he immigrated or whether he was born in the US. Researched by Jane Stubbs Bailey, Maryland Archives Microfilm)

1667 – PHILLIP Kent Co. b.1647 Gloucester, bound to Daniel Jennifer, patented land with brother JOSEPH in 1683 Kent/Cecil Cos., m. Barbara Hanson.


1667 – JOSEPH Kent Co. b.1652 Glousceter, bro. PHILLIP, arr. bound to Daniel Jennifer, ch: JOSEPH, BENJAMIN, JOHN, AUGUSTINE, WILLIAM, ST.LEDGER, ABRAHAM, d.1737 in MD 19

1676 – HENRY AVERET was claimed as a headright for transportation by William Bishop. He and his wife MARY were in Anne Arundel Co. by 1683. His will was probated in 1686, no children were identified, but he named relatives in Suffolk (Maryland Archives; information supplied by Jane Stubbs Bailey)

1679 – HENRY 22

1683 – JOHN EVERED from Middlesex, age 16, apprenticed to Mr.Tippett for 6 years to be transported on the ship Mary, 6yrs., witnessed .by in-laws John/Elizabeth Stephenson 7

1684 – HENRY, John Francis, and Thomas Potter from London were shippers on the ship John’s Adventure 7

1700 – NATHANIEL and RICHARD appear in the records of Anne Arundel Co.
but their origins are not clear (Maryland Archives; information supplied by Jane Stubbs Bailey)

1719 – JOHN, a felon from Hertfordshire, transported from London on the Margaret, "died on passage" 4,22,27

1729 – JOHN Annapolis, a felon from Middlesex, transported from London on the Patapsco Merchant 4,8,9,12,22

1730 – ROBERT 12

1731 – JOHN (Possibly Virginia) 27

1739 – ELIZABETH EVETT, a felon, transported from Middlesex on the
Sea Nymph

1744 – JAMES, a felon transported from London on the Savanna 4

1749 – ANDREW (alias Everill) a felon transported from Hertfordshire on the Lichfield 4

1762 – WILLIAM, a pardoned felon, transported from Middlesex via London on the Dolphin 4

1766 – JAMES, a felon, transported from London on the Ann 4

1766 – JOHN (alias John Wright) a felon, transported from Middlesex on the

1774 – JOSEPH Anne Arundel Co., a felon, transported from Essex via London on
the Thornton

1775 – JAMES Anne Arundel Co., a felon transported from Essex via London on the Thornton 4

1776 – WILLIAM 14


1620 – ANDREW Maine 2,22

1620 – JOHN EVERED Boston 22

1620 – STEPHEN Massachusetts 22

1634 – RICHARD Cambridge, MA with wife 39

1634/5 – RICHARD Watertown/Dedham, MA from Essex (b.1618-d.1682) m. MARY Winch 1633/43 17

1635 – JOHN Boston b.1597 St.Botolph, Bishopgate, London, arrived June on James of London, Wm.Cooper, Master, left Southampton in April 19

1635 – JOHN EVERED Massachusetts 22

1635 – JOHN and STEPEHN EVERED New England 22

1636 – RICHARD Agawam/Springfield,MA also lived in Waterton and Dedham, m. (1) Mary, (2) Mary Winch.,Child: JOHN, baptized 1641 in Dedham 13,20

1652 – WILLIAM New York 20,22

1662 – JOHN EVERET New England 22

1663 – JOHN New England from Bristol, apprentice to Wm. Hayman, 5yrs. 7

1663 – JOHN New England

1664 – JOHN New England 22

1664 – JOHN New York 15,20,22,38

1664 – EDWARD West New Jersey 21,37


1632 – WILLIAM to West Indies arrived on the ship The Great Seashore and a petitioner with George Johnson, John Blosse, David Markes: ship commanded by Capt. Richard Quale, deceased, and then by Capt. Marsh, the ship arrived West Indies in "great distress with most of the company dead". "Petitioners left their plantations April 10, 1632 and brought the ship home to Plymouth. 7

1654-63 – JOHN to Nevis 40

1658 – JOHN to Barbados a bachelor, "a convict", late of St.Olave, Southark, Surrey, his Will was probated October, 1658 22

1660 – JAMES VITHNELL to Nevis from Bristol, apprenticed to EDWARD EVERATT, 7yrs. 7

1661 – ARTHUR EVITT to Nevis 16

1662 – ROBERT EVERED to Barbados a mariner from Bristol transferred from Western Circuit prisons to Barbados, including a Thomas Rogers from
Wiltshire, cutler, on the Fisherton Anger

1670 – WILLIAM EVERELL to West Indies 16

1680 – THOMAS to Barbados 22

1684 – JOHN EVERARD to Jamaica 23yo 22

1761 – WILLIAM to Jamaica from Newgate, a felon, pardoned to enlist in the 49th Reg. of Foot Soldiers 22, 34


1623/24 – ESTER EVERE 22

1645 – JOHN EVERE 22

1654 – MICHAEL from Bristol 22, 40

1654-63 – HENRY EVERE 22

1658 – MICHAEL from Bristol, a tanner, bound to John Weaver for 4yrs 7,16

1658 – JOHN 7

1659 – ROBERT from Bishops, Stratford, Herts, a yeoman bound for 4 yrs., arrived June 23 16

1719 – JOHN a convict, Hertfordshire, transported on the ship Margaret, died on passage 8,9,22

1723 – MICHAEL Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Maryland 6

1727 – JOHN a convict, Shropshire 8

1730 – ROBERT a convict, Middlesex, transported on the ship Forward 8,22

1731 – JOHN a convict, London, transported on the ship Forward 8,9,22

1732 – JOHN 22

1744 – JAMES a convict, from London, transported on the ship Susannah 8,9,11,22

1744 – JOSEPH 9

1756 – WILLIAM a convict, from Somerset 8

1760 – WILLIAM 35

1762 – WILLIAM a convict, from Middlesex, 8,9,12,22

1766 – JOHN 9,12,22

1766 – JAMES a convict, from London, transported on the ship Ann 8,9,11,22

1774 – JOSEPH, reprieved from sentence for transportation, Middlesex, 9,12,22,34

1775 – JAMES a convict, from Essex 8,10,22



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