Dr. Harvey Everett, NY, and Associated Families.

Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; Collection of Richard B. Everett (deceased); Middletown Savings Bank Anniversary, 1869-1944; and Ancestry.com


1) ---- Everett (no name and no spouse mentioned).


                Absalom Everett

                Mehitable Everett

                William Everett

                John Everett


2) John Everett b. 1716 and married to Jane Everett b. 1716.


                Ephraim Everett, Sr. 1741-1834

                John Everett 1766-1850

                Mehitable 1774-1845


3) Ephraim Everett b. 1742 of English origin. He came at 1762 and settled on 200 acres of land in the town of  Wallkill, Orange County, NY. Upon which he resided until his death - December, 1834. He is said to have            purchased and used the first wagon in town. He was  one of the early members of the Presbyterian Church in Scotchtown. His wife, (1) Beulah Moore (More) was the daughter of the early settler of Goshen. She was b. abt 1768. A second wife (2) was Elizabeth, b. 1754 - d. 1840.


           (1) Beulah Moore (More) for children:

                Julia Everett b. 1764 (Obadiah Howell)

                Ephraim Everett, Jr. b. 1771- d. 1828

               Walter Everett b. 1772- d. 1848

                Lydia Everett b. 1774 (David Reeve)

                Hephzibah Everett b. 1775 - d. 1850 (Daniel Moore)

                Benjamin Everett b. 1779

                David Everett b. 1782 - d. 1848 who married Sarah McNish, b. 1789 in Wallkill and d. 1872

                Freelove Everett b. 1785 - 1848 (Samuel Kirk)

           (2) Elizabeth Everett 1754- 1840, no children.


4) David Everett b. 10/25/1782 in Goshen, Orange, NY and d. 1848 in Wallkill, Orange, NY.  He succeeded to the homestead by purchase, and they were on agricultural pursuits until his death.  He was a quiet, unostentatious man, and passed through life esteemed for his integrity and all the relations of life, unmoved by the bickering of political strife, and never sought office or held any, except to serve his town for a time as assessor. Married Sarah McNish.

                Children: (The children were labeled non-parenthetical and then the parenthetical () ones were added..

                (Deborah Everett 1811-1898)

                Dr. Harvey D. Everett b. December 19, 1812 and d.----    

                (Phebe Everett 1814)

                (Oliver V. Everett 1816-1852)

                (David A. Everett 1819)

                (Eliza Ann Everett 1822-1842)

                (Katherine "Kate" Everett 1826-1876)

                (Mary Ann Everett 1830-1833)

                George Whitfield who remained on the homestead most of his life. He was never married. He died at the age of 59.                     

                Henry L. Everett, who inherited the homestead where David Everett lived in the past few years. They removed him to Middletown where he died a at age of 59.


5) Dr. Harvey Everett b. 1812 and d. ----.  He received his early education in the public and private schools in Middletown, NY and at the Montgomery Academy. He began the study of medicine with Dr. John T. Jansen of Minisink, Orange County, NY and matriculated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC. He attended a course of lectures at the Vermont Academy of Medicine at Woodstock, from which he graduated in 1834. After his graduation he settled in practice at Middletown where he remained. Everett Street and Avenue were named for Harvey Everett. The town he was School Superintend, Trustee of the Wallkill Academy, and President of the Board of Education. He was on the Medical Society for 60 years. His drug store still resided in the building at 2nd East Main Street.

Married Sarah Everett 3-25-18--.


                 Darwin Everett

                 Genevieve Everett