Elijah F. Everett, New York, and Associated Families

Craig Everett, Interpreter; Richard Everett, deceased, author; Three Summaries of Records; and familysearch; and ancestry.com.,


(1) Abraham Everitt b. NY and d.----.  No wife identified.


        Nehemiah Everett b. 1774 and d. 1847                                                                                                             

                (This may or may not be the ancestor. This child is somewhat probable but one can not be sure.)


(2) Nehemiah Everitt b. 1774 and d. 1847 at Hurley, Ulster, NY. He was 72. He married twice. He married Susannah Griffin in 1795. He married a second time, Margaret Gray, b. in 1780 at Middletown, Delaware, NY and died in 1865.  She married one Henry Pelham in New Rochelle, Westchester, NY. She next married Nehemiah Everitt in 1820.

    Children of Susannah Griffin:

        Thomas Everett b. 1797 and d. 1876

        Mary Everett b. 1799

        Henry Everett b. 1801

        Nehemiah Everett b. 1803 in Columbia, NY and d. 1886. Nehemiah death is in the Old Gravestones of Ulster County, New York. There were 22,000 inscription.

       Sarah Everett b. 1803

        Higby Everett b. 1808 and d. 1890

    Children of Margaret Gray:

        Benjamin Everett b. 1821 and d. 1895


(3) Benjamin Everett b. 1821 in Greene, NY and d. 1895 in Olive Branch, Ulster, NY. He married Hariett Shufelt and she was b. 1822 and d. 1899. His parents were from NY.

    He reside in Hurley, Ulster, NY for 1850 (29), 1860 (39), 1870 (49) and died in 1895 at 74 years old. He was worth $4100 in real estate and $1500 in personal estates. He was a farmer and a Tanner.  

    His death is in the Old Gravestones of Ulster County, NY (1821-1895) and Harriet Shufeldt Everett. There were 22,000 inscription. They were buried on a hill just west of Woodstock, since otherwise it is occupied by the Ashokan Reservoir


        Elizah Everett b. 1843 and d. 1913

        Alma Everett b. 1848

        Margaret J. Everett b. 1853

        Marietta Everett b. 1854

        Willis Everett b. 1857

        Ida Everett b. 1861

        Edith Everett b. 1861

        Margaret Everett (at residence at Hurley, Ulster, NY, 70)


(1) Elijah F. Everett b. 1843 of Olive Branch, Ulster, NY and d. 1913 (1886, NY) in the same location. He was burial at Woodstock, Ulster, NY. He married Louisa Esther Stone in 1866. She was b. 1845 and d. 1903. In 1880 he was in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. He was a Cast man, Fruit Dealer, and Farmer.


        Jay Everett b. 1868

        Arthur Everett b. 1870 and d. 1906

        Maude Louise Everett b. 1876

        Ethel Esther Everett b. 1883 and d. 1955

        Anne E. Brown (33 years old)