Peter M. Everett, Kentucky and Confederate States of America - Associated Family

Craig Everett, Interpreter; James Rogers, 1897, Company D, Thirteenth Kentucky Cavalry;, 

This record shows  Peter M. Everett as the youngest and Christopher Aaron (Averitt) Everett as the oldest. George Everett, William Charles Everett, and Christopher Aaron (Averitt) Everett are known from the ships entries in 1600s but they are not familiar to me in this order. Therefore I would exercise some caution.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


 (1) Christopher Aaron (Averitt) Everett b. 1590 in Cornwall, England and d. 1695. Immigrated in 1640 at 40 and arrival 1638 at VA.


        William Charles Everett 1614-1657

        Aron Everett 1615

        Jacob (Averitt) Everett 1616-1717

        Charles Everett 1620

        James (Averitt) Everett 1621-1700


(2) William Charles Everett b. 1614 in Cornwall, England and d. 1651 in Warwick, VA at 37.

Married Ann Symons b. 1618 and d. 1651.


        George Everett 1635-1712

        John Everett 1644

        Symon Everett 1646-1726

        Robert Everett 1648-1681

        Richard Everett 1650-1686


(3) George Everett b. 1635 in England and died 1712 at 77 in Northumberland, VA.

Marriage (1) no information and (2) Mary Taylor in 1702. She was b. 1651 and d. 1713 in Wicomico, ----

    Marriage of (1) wife:

        George Everett 1674-1700

        Thomas Everett 1678-1736


(4) Thomas Everitt b. 1678 in Northumberland, VA and d. 1736 in Lancaster, VA. He was 58 at is death.

Marriage twice to (1) Elizabeth Everitt (no data) and (2) Elizabeth Hicks b. in 1661. The following are Elizabeth Hicks.

       Sandy Everitt----

        Lucretia Everitt 1689

        Winifred Everitt 1697-1766

        Elizabeth Everitt 1700-1746

        William Everitt 1701

        John Everitt 1705-1757

        Thomas Everitt 1705

        Jessie Everitt 1706

        Rawleigh Everitt 1710

        Judith Everitt 1712

        Mary Everitt 1712


(5) Rawleigh Everitt b. 1710 in Lancaster, VA and d. 1757 in Bedford Co., VA at 47.

Married twice to (1) Elizabeth Brown (no children) and (2) Sarah Everitt b. 1714 in Lancaster Co., VA. They were married 1735. He birthday was 25.

    Children with Sarah Everitt: (The quotation marks are from another family listing. The Mary and William are from a flaw in the computer.)

        (Robert Lee Everitt ----)

        Thomas Everitt 1730

        (Elizabeth Everitt 1734-1774)

        Leroy Everitt 1744

        Mary Everitt 1748

        William Everitt 1750                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

        Dinnah Everitt 1752

        John E. Everitt 1753-1845

        Lucretia Everitt 1759

        Simmond Everitt 1755-1822                                                                                                

    Raleigh Everitt Will December 29, 1756: I give to my son Simmonds Everitt my negro boy, Daniel, and his heirs forever. My son Simmonds to be "possessed with loving wife and my three sons Leeroy Everitt, John Everitt, and William Everitt. Sarah Everitt and others are his Executors. 


(6) John Everitt b. 1753 in Lancaster, VA and d. 1845 in Ona, Cabell Co., VA

Marriage to Sarah Dedman in 1771. She was b. 1755 in Albemarle, VA and d. 1835 in Cabell, W. VA


        Peter Everitt ----

        John Everitt 1788-1871

        Samuel Everitt 1791-1854

        Nathaniel Everitt 1892-1839

        Richard O. Everitt 1792----

        Mary E. (Polly) Everitt 1796----

        Sarah Everitt 1804----


(7) Samuel D. Everitt (Everit) b. aft 1791 in VA

    Marriage Henrietta R. Richardson, Fayette Co., KY in 1825, b. 1794/1803 and d. 1876. He was married at 34.

    In residence 1850 District 1, Montomgery, KY, 59

                        1860 Glasgow, Barren Co., KY, 69

    His value was $2500 in land and $2700 in personal value

    Children (Alternative children):

        Samuel D. Everitt, 59

        Henrietta Everitt, 47

        Marcus Everitt, 22, 1828

        John Everitt, 21, 1829

        Mary Everitt, 17, 1833

        Emily Everitt, 15, 1835

        Samuel D. Everitt, 12, 1837

        Peter M. Everitt, 11, 1839-1900

        George C. Everitt, 9, 1842-1920

        William F. Everitt, 7, 1843


       There are here children (?)

         Henrietta Blackborn, 24

        William S. Blackborn, 3

        Lerenia Blackborn, 1

  Children (Regular children:

        Belle Everitt 1817

        Rose Everitt 1819

        Peter M. Everitt 1821

        George Catlett Everitt 1823

        Henrietta Everitt 1825

        Emily Everitt 1827

        Marcus Everitt 1828

        Mary Everitt 1829

        Samuel Everitt 1833

        William F. Everitt 1835

        John Everitt 1837-1863


(8) Peter M. Everett abt 1821 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery, KY or abt 1839 in Kent, KY and d. 11/20/1900 in Kent, KY. He was 61.

    In residence 1850 District 1, Montgomery, KY, 11

                        1860 Victoria Co., TX, 21

                        1870 Montgomery, KY, 31

                        1880 Lexington, Fayette, Kent, KY, 41

    Peter M. Everett was born 1839 at Mt. Sterling, KY. Early in 1861 he enlisted as a private, CSA, Captain R.G. Stoner's Company. "His daring spirit was soon exhibited to the people along the borders of Kentucky and eastern Tennessee....Gen. Williams said he was indispensable to that service, although Gen marshall regarded him as specially suitable to command a regiment of cavalry, and recommended his promotion. Gen. Preston said of him: 'If I were as active and vigilant as little Pete, I could drive all of the Yankees out of Kentucky.... They all admired, loved and trusted him."

    "He conceived the idea of capturing Mt. Sterling and Maysville....So about sundown one sultry evening, with 125 picked men, mounted on as fine horses as were ever bred in Kentucky, we crossed the Cumberland Mountains at Pound Gap....Little Pete, as we all called him, rode to the front on his big gray horse and gave the command: 'Charge! go for them, boys.' "  When the Yankees entrenched along Mt. Sterling, getting reinforcement from Paris and Lexington, they gave Everett the slip. He captured Maysville and burned two steamboats laden with cavalry horses and army supplies. After the battle of Chickamauga General Wheeler maid a raid around Chattanooga. Captain Everett was always in front: Cleveland, Calhoun, New Philadelphia, McMinnville, Murfreesboro, Shelbyville and Farmington - all in Tennessee.