Robert I. Everett and Assorted Families - Sibson, London to Maryville, TN

Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; records of Richard Everett (now deceased); Elmer Mize, Editor of The Blount Journal;


(1) Thomas Everett b. 1710 and d. -----. Married 1741 in Sibson, London to wife Hannah Turner. The daughter of Thomas Turner and Sarah. She was b. 1714/15. Thomas Everett is believed to have ordered a fleet of ships carried goods from England to America. Thomas Everett was a rich man and owned both a city and country residence. He even had a street in London named for him.


            Sarah Everett b. January, 1741 in Leicester, England                         

            John Everett b. August, 1748 in Leicester, England       

            Hannah Everett b. November, 1750 in Leicester, England

            Robert I. Everett b. August, 1757 and d. 1827.   

            Mary Everett, Sibson, Leicester, England


(2) Robert I. Everett b. 1757 in Saint Botolph, Sibson, Leicester, England and d. 1827 in Maryville, TN. At age 15 he was in Virginia. Marriage of 1783 in Rockbridge, VA Margaret Cox Lockhart. She was born abt 1758 and d. 1832 in Maryville, TN. She was the widow of Revolutionary War veteran Thomas Lockhart. He was buried on his farm about one mile from Piney Level Baptist Church Cemetery, near Law Chapels, where may of the others are buried. He is eight miles from Maryville. When the farm sold new owners demanded gravestone be moved or it would be destroyed. The family moved the stone to Piney Level and placed it near to the grandson buried there. The wife was either buried there or a Piney Level Baptist Church Cemetery.

As a stowaway Mr. Everett would have been sold. He was was sold to a prominent VA family. He was some how knew Mr. Lockhart and he became friends. They decided to join the army with the concern that if either did not come back they would bring the news. Lockhart never returned so Mr. Everett brought the sad news. Some time later he married Margaret Lockhart. He taught school and Dr. Gamble and with Dr. Anderson were his former client at Maryville.   

The Everett farm was located on Crooked Creek in the Law's Chapel section of Blount County, TN. It was to this location they brought their family, including her son, Charles Lockhart, when they came to TN. Charles Lockhart was b. 1782 and became the father of four children. He has evidence f his intelligence and strong character. He served a teacher, tutor, and excellent farmer and father to his children and Charles Lockhart.

The Everett house is not on the same place but rather moved onto a section of the house with a spring.

To the Revolutionary War and that he enlisted in the Military Service as a soldier at Lexington in Rockbridge County, VA in July, 1780. Major Ridley under whose command at Battle of Guilford, and Camden and the Siege of Nine-Six at Eutaw Springs and Dodge Chester in South Carolina. He was at Salisbury in the state of NC by officers. He served as a pensioners for two years, 1818 to 1819, but could live without it. He had a mare and colt, two cows and a calf, 14 head of hogs, 3 plows, and 50 acres of very poor 3rd rate upland for $156.00.

"I am by ocupation (sic) a farmer but am become so aged and infirmed that I was unable to procure a support by my business, and I labor under a rupture of the right side of the belly, which disables and pains me very much. My family consists of my wife aged 68 and very frail and unable to contribute anything toward the support of herself or others. My daughter Ann aged about 27 years tolerably healthy. My daughter Peggy aged about 25 years has a very large even on her neck which disables her in a considerable degree from doing ordinary labor, or contributing much to the support of herself or other. Sworn to and declared in open Court 27th March, 1826. Robert Everitt." He was 74 years old and a resident in Said County.   

He is buried with : "Robert Everitt, Pvt., Hawks VA Regt., Rev. War. 1750-1827. Buried on his farm nearby."


            Catharine "Caty" Everett b. 1784 in Rockbridge Co., VA. Married Charles Walker and reside in Blount Co., AL. She was in Blount Co., AL in 1845.


           Mary "Polly" Everett is dead. She was b. 1786 Rockbridge Co., VA and d. 1843. She had four children.


                        Anna Everett b. 1825 and d. 1898, married Jeremiah W.B. Simerly


            Thomas Everett b. 1789 and resides in Blount Co., TN. He was born in Rockbridge Co., VA and married in TN, Lydia Bayless


                        James Morgan Everett b. 1826 and d. 1906. Buried in Piney Level Church Cemetery. Married Eliza Jane in 1845.


            Nancy "Agnes" Everett b. 1790 in Rockbridge Co., VA and d. 1852 at Piney Level Baptist Church Cemetery. Married Isaac White and lives in Blount Co., TN


            William Everett b. 1793 in Rockbridge Co., VA and d. 1869 in Blount Co., TN. Married Mary "Polly" Gay on 1816          

                            Robert Everett b. 1817 and d. 1872

                            Elisabeth "Betsy" Everett b. 1817 and d. 1857

                            Margaret "Peggy" Everett b. 1821 and d. 1904           

                            James W. Everett b. 1825 and d. 1854. Buried at Magnolia Cemetery. Marries Rosalee E. Hodge

                                         Samuel Martin Everett b. 1826 and d. 1941. Marries Mary Taylor Griffitts in 1894

                                                        James Huston Everett b. 1899 and d. 1981. Married Helen Irwin.

                                                                    Donald Irwin Everett b. 1926. Marries 1950 Grace Huffaker Caldwell

                                                        Elizabeth "Tizzy" Everett b. 1901. Marries Charles Nelson Timmons                                     

                                            Indianola Vincent Everett b. 1866 and d. 1887. Magnolia Cemetery.                        

                            William Richard Everett was married 1853 Pelina M. Cavin. He was killed by bushwhackers during the Civil War

                                        William Richard Everett Jr. b. 1864 and d. 1930. Married Belle Walker

                                                     Walker D. Everett b. 1894 and d. 1941. Pvt. first class 105 Trench Battery, 30 Div, W.W.I  Married Zanie Henry.

                                                                    Bernice Everett b. 1920 married Quode Brackett

                                                                    Bertrice Everett b. 1922 married Curtis Cunningham           

                                                                    Mary Sue Everett b. 1923 marries Ralph Robinson   

                                                                    William Joe Everett b. 1932                            


                            Martha Jane Everett

                            Mary Ann Everett

                            Sarah A. Everett d. 1865   

                            Catherine "Cathy" Everett


            Jean Everett b. 1795 and married Baron Frank McConnell and is now a widow and resides in Blount Co., TN


            Ann Everett b. 1797 and d. abt 1860. She remain single in Blount Co., TN


            Margaret "Peggy" Everett b. 1800 and d. 1854 in Blount, TN. Remain single in Blount Co., TN   


            James Everett b. 1805 and d. 1876. Present in the Piney Level Church resided in Blount Co., TN. The challenger of the findings. (James Everett is mark by an X.)  Married 1823 to Happy Waller.

                        Serena Everett b. 1830 to d. 1899  Married 1849 to Phillip E. Houses

                        Samintha Everett b. 1832 and d. 1903. Married 1853 to John Long. (12 children)

                        Neomi Everett b. 1835. Married 1852 to James Steele. (11 children)

                        Saphrona Everett b. 1837 and d. 1906. Married 1858 to William P. Waters.

                        Robert E. Everett b. 1839 and d. 1875. Married 1860 to Mary A. Davis.

                        Aaron Everett b. 1843 and d. 1908. Married 1668 Lucinda J. McConell

                                    James Russell Everett b. 1875 and d. 1937. Married in 1899 Cordelia Elizabeth Cupp

                                                Paul Thomas Everett b. 1903 and d. 1961. Married Sallie Davis

                                                Gaynell Olive Everett b. 1905. Married Dot Andres Emert in 1941

                                    Nancy Everett b. 1878 and d. 1918. Married Milford M. Boyd

                                    Margaret Everett b. 1873. Married 1894 James G. McMillan

                                    Martha "Mattie" F. Everett b. 1873. Married in 1897 Joseph H. Romines

                                    Frank Everett b. 1869 and d. 1947. Married Elizabeth Dyer "Lizzie" Perky

                                    Lemuel Everett b. 1881 and d. 1939

                        Amarintha Everett b. 1845 and d. 1904.

                        Saletha Ann Everett b. 1847 and d. 1873. Married in 1865 Enoch Waters Morrison


(3) Mary Everett b. 1786 in Rockbridge, VA. (I can not figure why she is here since the form, "Mary 'Polly' Everett," is number two - but she is a women.)


            John Everett m. Susan Shook on October, 1832

            Solomon Everett m. Catherine  Houser on September, 1842

            Teressa Everett m. Thomas Henry Teffeteller on March, 1839

            Ann Everett m. Jeremiah Simerly on Noverber, 1843


(4) John Everett b. 1810 in TN. Married 1832 Susan Shook. B. about 1808-1815. Son Robert E. Everett.


            Teffeterller - orphans

            Robert Everett b. 1832 m Mary Davis August, 1860

            Margaret Everett b. 1834

            Mary Everett b. 1836

            William  Everett b. 1838

            Solomon Everett b. 1840 m. to Rebecca    

            Elizabeth Everett b. 1840

            James Everett b. 1844 to Martha

            Decatur Everett b. 1846


(5) Robert E. Everett b.1833 in TN and 1875 in Maryville, TN. Married 1860 to wife Mary A. Davis. She was b. 1833 and died 1916 in Maryville, TN. Son Ben R. Everett.


(6) Ben R. Everett b. 1863 in TN and d. 1918 in Maryville, TN. Married 1882 in Blount County, TN to wife Mary Tennessee Teffeteller. She was b. 1865 and d. 1931 in Maryville, TN. Daughter Maggie Everett.


(7) Maggie Everett b. 1896 in TN and d. 1973 in Maryville, TN. She was to Bill Caldwell. Then married to Henry Jackson McCracken 1893 and d. 1777 on March 3, 1945. Son was Andy Everett.


(8) Andy Everett b. 1913 at home of Ben R. Everett in Maryville, TN and d. 1982(?) in Maryville, TN. He was married to Marie Bell Fishback Teague in August 1, 1950 in Longview, Washington. She was b. 1919 in Burt, Iowa and d. 1989 in Longview, Washington. Son was Larry Everett.


Cousins and nephews of former:

Thomas Everett

Robert Everett

Thomas Everett

William Lowry Everett

James Thomas Everett 1859-1918

Chester Franklin Everett 1887-1942

Chester Hamlin Thomas Everett 1920-1969  Mother was Kathryn Elizabeth Everett