Joshua B. Everett, Cultural Leader - Kentucky, to John Peter Everett, Revolutionary War - Virginia

Craig Everett, Interpreter; The Ledger-Independent of the Death of Joshua B. Everett; Diary of William Charles Everett, Milton Everett; Diary of William Charles Everett, Robert Louis Everett; Diary of William and Ann Everat, Jane Stubbs Bailey; and

Christopher Averett/Everett is viable but the information cannot be confirmed.

(1) Christopher Averett/Everett b. 1590 in Cornwall Co., England d. 1625/1635 in Warwick, VA. He married Margery Stephens from b.1594 to d.1695. They were married at 1616 in Exeter, Devon, England.


        William Charles Everett b.1614   


(2) William Charles Everet b. 1614 in Cornwell Co., England and d. in Warwick Co., VA. He married Ann Symons in 1637 in England. She was b.1618.

    There two "debarked on the mouth of the James River, and unloaded onto a barge, the Paul Jones. Kinard Hawkins was its Captain. They landed in Jamestown and settled in Williamsburg, Virginia (Milton Everett." This was reported by Robert Lewis Everett that this couple arrived in 1640 and that the wife's maiden name was Symons.

    Symons received a 300 acre grant in the NW branch of the Nansemond River for the transportation of William Everett and Ann Symons Everett, and four other individuals. They believe that Ann was Symons daughter. They intermarried with the Symons and Everetts. Jane Stubbs Bailey has suggested that the Symons may have been too young to father Ann Symons and that she was possibly his sister. 


        John Everett b.1644

        Symon Everett b.1646 and d.1716

        Robert Everett b.1648 and d.1681

        Richard Everett b.1650 and d.1686

        George Everett b.1651 and d.1712

(3) George Everett b. 1645/1656 in Northumberland Co., VA and d. 1712 in Northumberland Co., VA. He married Mary Taylor at 1702. She was b.1651 and d.1713.

    He also was considered coming to VA before 1656. He probably came from Colonel Richard Lee prior to 1656 at which time Miles Dixon received land at Northumberland Co., VA


        Thomas Everett b.1669 and d.1727

        George Everett b.1674 and d.1700


(4) Thomas Everett b. 1659/1669 in Northumberland Co, VA and d. 1727 in Bedford Co., VA. He married Elizabeth 1663-1726. They were 1696 in Lancaster Co., VA.
The will of Thomas Everitt was produced in 1726. He gives "my eldest son John Everitt all the land and plantation I now live on." He gives Thomas Everitt a hundred acres. There is some discussion about the timing of the deaths and how William Everitt should be placed there. "He also will have maintenance with my son Thomas as he is not 18. The will of my daughter Winnifred Pullen shall have five hundred pounds of tobacco paid out of his estate. Each of my daughters, Mary, Sarah, Judee, and Lucretia have as much of my estate as paid for by my representative." His will is that my two sons Jesse and Rawleigh Everitt, and my two daughters Judee and Lucretia Everitt shall abide "by loving wife Elizabeth Everitt." There is a clause that they also remain with my son John. And they shall have plenty "use of my Three negroes, named Abba, Henry and Jenny." Some other discussion of his wife and male children in case someone dies. He received 5000 lbs. per years.


                John Everitt b.1683 and d.1726

                Thomas Everitt Jr. b.1685

                Winifred Everitt Pullen b.1687 and d.1766

                William Everitt

                Lucreta Everitt b.1689

                Jesse Everitt

                Sarah Everitt b.1693

                Elizabeth Everitt Pullen

                Raleigh Everitt b.1710 and d.1757

                Judee (Judith) Everitt b.1712

                Mary Everitt b.1712

(5) Rawleigh Everitt b. 1691 at Lancaster, VA and d. 1757 at 66 years in Bedford Co., VA. Sarah Everitt b. 1714

Will of December 29, 1756 in terms of Rawleigh Everitt. After attached eulogy, Simmond (Symon) received my negro boy, Danny, when he arrives at twenty one. His three son, Leeroy, John, William Everitt shall share by son if his Daniel dies by 21.


            Elizabeth Everett b.1734-d.1774

            Leroy Everett b. 1745

            Mary Everett b.1748

            William Everett b.1748

            Dinnah Everett b.1752

            John E. Everett b.1753-d.1845 (Peter is the name attached to this Everett)

            Simeon/Simmons Everett b.1753-d.1822

            Lucretia Everett b.1754


(6) John Peter Everett b. (once) 1753 in Lancaster, VA and (twice) in Pennsylvania (this is confusing). And d. 1845 in Ona, Cabell, VA at 91. Sarah Dedman 1755 in Albemarle, VA and d. 1838 Cabell, W. VA.
Residences in Kanawha, VA from 1810 (52) and Cabell, VA in 1830, 1840, 1845 (at death). Private 1 VA Regiment, Revolutionary War.


            Peter Everett

            Richard O. Everett 1775-1832

            Sarah Sallie Everett 1785-1870

            John Everett 1788-1871

            Samuel Everett 1791-1854

            Nathaniel Everett 1792-1839

            Mary Polly Everett 1797-1819

            Sarah Everett 1804-1838

(7) Samuel Dedman Everett b. 1791 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery, KY and d. Mt. Sterling. Henrietta Richardson was b. 1794 and d. in 1876 Frederick, VA at 82.


            Belle Everett b. 1817

            Rose Everett b. 1819

            Peter M. Everett b. 1821

            George Catlett Everett b. 1823

            Henrietta Everett b. 1825

            Enoch Everett b. 1827

            Marcus R. Everett b. 1828

            Mary Everett b. 1829

            Samuel D. Everett b. 1833

            William F. Everett b. 1835

             John Everett b. 1837 and d. 1863

            Henrietta Everett b. 1855

(8) John Everett b. 1823 in Montgomery, KY and d. 1863 (40 years) in Mason, KY. Lanner R. Chenoweth b. 1838-1903 in Montgomery, KY


            John Chenoweth Everett b. 1860

            Julia Rodgers Everett b. 1861

            Henrietta Richardson Everett b. 1863


(9) John Chenoweth Everett b. 1858 and d. 1932. His father at was 42 the a grain dealer in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH. Anna Boynton Burgess was b. 1869 and d. 1956. They were married in 1892.


            Joshua Burgess Everett 1894-1985

            John Chestnut Everett 1900-1985

            Julia Morris Everett (nothing identified)

            Addison Lawrence Everett 1909-1964

            Warfield Burgess Everett 1911-1991


(10) Joshua Burgess Everett b. 1894 from Maysville, Mason, KY and d. 1985. He was married to two: (1) Susan M. Carbon, 20, being divorced; (2) Alealltha J. Wisner, 24.
Joshua Burgess Everett was chairman of the English-Speaking Union, president from 1961 to 1983 and the former national director of the Union. He was 90 years old. Everett a retired banker in New York and London had been connected with Louisville and Maysville, KY. "His involvement in civic, cultural and welfare organizations included such diverse field as mental health, ballet, theater, Louisville riverfront development and the Louisville Zoo.
He was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II as a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for outstanding service in the cause of Anglo-American friendship and understanding. The Kentucky English-Speaking Union increased it membership from 200 to more than 1,000. The group honored in 1984 by creating the Joshua B. Everett Endowment to finance scholarships for Kentucky students to attended British university. Many of his jobs paid no salary.

"The puckish, rotund man sometimes was mistaken for movie director Alfred Hitchcock during his many visit to England." He said, "It's mainly because I like contact with people. Then, I like to take over things that need to be pulled together. It's no fun when they're will-oiled." He attended the University of Princeton and had the Joshua Burgess Everett Elementary School in Jefferson County was dedicated in 1950. He had a significant history of other honors.