Daniel Everett (5) and Sydnor "Sidney" Everett (6), Virginia, Georgia, Ohio

Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; from Ancestry.com. Note: Some of the Ancestry.com entires may not be reliable.  


(1) William Everett b. 1614 and married to Martha Pole (No place indicated)


(2) _______________


(3) Daniel Everett b. 1670 place Richmond Co., VA.  Anne Everett b. 1670 and d.----. Place of birth Richmond Co., VA and death in Isle of Wight.


(4) William Everett b. 1691/1692 in Richmond and d. 1759 in Richmond Co. Spouse was Margaret Foushee Mitchell Petty b. 1698.


            Anne Everett

            Elizabeth Everett

            Lucrecy Everett

            Sarah Everett

            Daniel Everett

            George Everett

            William Everett

            Ruth Everett


(5) Daniel Everett b. 1731 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA. and d. abt. 1803 in Halifax  Co., VA.  He was married to Frances Everett abt. 1755. She was born before 1734 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA. Daniel Everett witnessed the will of his first cousin John Elmore in North Farnham Parish on 1756. In 1761 he was named Executor of the will of brother-in-law John Williams, Sr. In 1768 he sold 160 acres of land in Richmond County for 40 L sterling and on the same day paid 80 L sterling for Frances to relinquish her right to dower. This would seem to indicate a divorce and call into the question the mother of Sydnor. Apparent Daniel moved to Pittsylvania Co., VA with his children before by 1777 where he took the Oath of Allegiance. Daniel served in the Revolutionary War and secured a pension from Pittsylvania County, VA.


            Million "Milly"  Everett b. 1756 North Farnham Parish and d. 1834 in Birch Creek, Campden Parish, Pittsylvania County, VA. She married Joseph Slaton/Slaydon in 1770. He was 1741 at St. Peter Parish, New Kent County, VA and d. 1819 in Campden Parish, Pittsylvania County, VA.

            John Everett b. 1757 and married Phebe Rilla Atkinson.

            Anne Everett b. 1758 in North Farnham Parish, VA.

            Travis Everett b. 1759 in Pittsylvania County, VA. He participated in the 1803 Georgia Land Lottery. Sold land in Oglethorpe County, GA in 1805 and witness a deed in Oglethorpe County in 1813.

            Epsphroditis "Eppa" Everett b. 1760 and married (1) Catherine Everett 1793 of Pittsylvania County. William Everett posted surety. Then  he married (2) Casey Busey in 1798 in Pittsylvania County.

            Sarah Everett b. 1761 in Richmond County, VA and d. 1832 in Wilkes County, GA. She was married to Uriah Owen.

            William Everett b. 1763 in North Farnham County. He married (1) Catherine Knoor and secondly (2) Jane Balew. She was married at 1831 in Knox County, TN and lived there in 1840.

             Margaret "Peggy" Everett b. 1764 and married Jeptha Cornelius.

             Daniel Everett b. 1765 and married Sarah Caldwell in 1801 in Halifax County, VA at about 1785.

             Sydnor Everett b. 1775 in NC and d. abt. 1855 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Married Tabitha Owen in 1801 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.


(6) Sydnor "Sidney" Everett b. abt 1775 in Pittsylvania, VA and d. abt 1845 in Trigg, KY. His father was Daniel Everett and his mother was  Frances ----. His wife was Tabitha Owen , born in Oglethorpe, GA and married here. They were married in 1801. She was b. 1780 in Oglethorpe, GA and she d. abt. 1845 in Trigg Co., KY. He father was William Owen and mother was Drucilla Echols.

    Sydnor Everett was listed in the Georgia Land Lottery of 1803 with two draws.


            Lucinda Everett b. 1802 in Oglethorpe, GA d. abt. 1855 in Monroe, Ark. Her spouse was names Stunson.

            Elizabeth Everett b. 1805 in Oglethorpe, GA and d. (unknown) in Monroe, AK. Her spouse was names Richard Miles.

            Susannah Everett b. 1806 in Oglethorpe, GA and d. before 1850. Marriage was 1823 in Calloway, KY in Boze Ford. 

            Lydia Echols Everett b. 1808 in Oglethorpe, GA and d. 1885 in Model, Stewart, TN. They married in 1828 in Steward Co., TN Ervin Barrow.

            Emily Everett b. abt. 1810 in Oglethorpe, GA and d. abt. 1860 in Monroe, AR.

            Eppes Everett b. abt. 1815 in Ohio and d. 1859 in Monroe, AR.

            Sydnor Everett, Jr. b. 1818 in Ohio and d. 1859 in Monroe, AR. He married Mary Elizabeth Miles in 1838 in Trigg, KY.

            Reuben O. Everett b. abt. 1816 in Calloway, KY and d. ---- Monroe, AR. He married Mary Taylor at Monroe, AR in 1851.