The Gaines and Everitt Families


Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; Dr. Kelly, manuscript; The Family Bible of Everett,


James Gaines (1743-1829) The sixth son of William and Isabella Gaines was born in Curlpaper Co., VA and in turn to Surry and Stokes, NC, and finally in Sullivan and Hawkins Counties in Tennessee. He died in Sullivan County, Tennessee. (1) He married Miss White in 1761. (2) He married Elizabeth Strother. He settled in NC after the Revolutionary War. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War and was elected a Representative of Surry County to the State Assembly. By May 11, 1793 he had removed to Sullivan County, TN. There he was appointed Justice of Peace on May 11, 1793 of Sullivan County by Governor William Blount.           

    Children of White:

        Margaret Gaines, b.10/20/1762 and married in 1784 to Samuel Edgmond.

    Children of Strother:

        Susannah Dabney Gaines b.1767, not married.

        Elizabeth Strother Gaines b.1769-d.1820. She was married to Samuel Moore in 1788.

        Lucy Gaines b.1771 and married David C. Childress.

        Francis Henry Gaines b.1773 and d.1824, not married   

        James Taylor Gaines b.1775 and d.1821. He was married first to (1) Jane McMinn Campbell in 1808. He was married second to (2) Frances Grantham Rogers in 1816. She d. 1883.

        General Edmund Pendleton Gaines b.3/30/77 and d.6/6/1849. He married (1) Frances Toulmin in 1806. (2) Barbara Blount in 1815. And he married (3) Myra Clark Whitney in 1839.


        Behethland Gaines b.1778 and d.1865. She married James Lyon Jr. in 1794. (This is one of the Gaines)


       Anges Gaines b. 3/31/1780 and died 2/9//1816. She married JOSEPH EVERETT in 1797. He was born in 1/3/1773 and died in 2/27/1849.  He was Captain in the War of 1812, and served in the East Tennessee Militia under Col. Ewen Allison. He was the on of Benjamin and Ann (Dennis) Hull Everett of Cecil Co., MD. They may have resided in Sullivan County, TN but soon were moved to Old Speedell, Wythe County, VA. This is where Joseph Everett was interested in the "Charcoal Iron Furnace." He lived there until 1807, then returned to Sullivan County, TN where "they built a good and grist mill. This was Reedy Creek, about two miles from Kingsport. He was quiet and industrious man, attending to his own business, raised a family of daughter and one son. ...This family were frequently my associates in early life, & I shall always cherish their remembrance as friends." (Dr. Kelly stated that the Everett Family Bible the name was spelled Everitt.)

                Children of Agnes Gairnes. She was born 1780 in Culpepper, VA and died in 1816 in Sullivan County, TN. She was married in 1797 in VA.

                Nancy Laton Everett (1798-1798)

                Elizabeth Strother Everett (1800-----) She married Samuel Patton who moved her to Indianapolis, IN.  

                Susan Dabney Everett (1802-1853) was married to James O'Brien in Christianville 1818.

                Alfred Washington Everett (1804-1859)

                Sarah Ann Everett (1806-1970)

                Isabella Pendleton Everett (1809-1874) Moved to Monroe, IN.

                Martha Games Everett (1811-1811)

                Letitia Moore Everett (1813-1880)

                Mary Frances Everett (1815-1862)


                Children of Phoebe. She was married 1817 in Sullivan County, TN.

                Adeline Everett (1818-----)

                Joseph Perry Everett (1820-----)

                Lucy Helen Everett (1825-----)

                Barbara G. Everett (1831-----)


        Children and Family

               16-19   1

                20-29  1                                                                                                                                                                                              

                50-59  1 (Joseph Everett)      

                 <5      2

                5-9      1

                10-14  1

                15-19  1

                40-49  1 (Agnes Gaines)


             <10       3

               10-23  1

               24-35  1              

              >10      2

               24-35  2

               36-54  1


       Nancy Gaines b.1782. She married Nathan Ashworth in 1809. (This is another of the Gaines)


     George Strother Gaines b.5/1/1784 and d.1/21/1873. He married in 1812 Ann Gaines. He was b. in Stokes County, NC and d. at State Line, MS. He was the son of James and Elizabeth (Strother) Gaines. He married his cousin, Ann Gaines, by Young and Ester (Lawrence) Gaines. She was seen as a worthy member of the SC branch of the family. She was b. in SC and d. at "Peachwood State Line, Wayne County, MS. In 1794 George Strother Gaines moved with his parents to go to Sullivan County, TN and remained there until 1805 when he was appointed assistant Indian Factor of the trading house at St. Stephens, one the Tombigbee River.

       He took charge as permanent Factor and continued this occupation for many years. During the 1819 he resigned as Indian Factor and entered business in Demopolis. In 1830 he removed to Mobile to become a successful banker. He served the State Legislature in 1861.

      The outer address was Miss. Susanah & Sarah Gaines, Kingsport, Sullivan County, TN. It was signed Demopolis, AL 17 of September 1829. "My dear Sisters. I have received a letter from Capt. Everitt, and one from Dr. Patton communicating the sad intelligence (as stated) of our worthy & excellent fathers death. This distressing dispensation of Providence (although from his advance age was to be daily expected). I was entirely unprepared for, My previous late advices having spoken to him, as being in the enjoyment of good health. have, both of you, the inestimable rich consolation of knowing that you have at least done your duty to your earthly parents. I will not attempt to advise you, nor to offer consolation, when I feel so much in want of both myself. (This letter goes into their residence and future possibilities.) Please say to Cap. Everitt and D. Patton that I will write them soon, and will request Cap. Everitt or O'Brien to procure for you horses for the  journey...."      

    "Nearly a year expired before my successor in the Factory was appointed. In the meantime the training house was conducted by my assistant Benj. Everett (Benjamin) and clerk Wm. Boykin. I visited the Factory at the end of each quarter year to examine the books and quarterly accounts and to transmit the latter to government. (Col. George Strother Gaines)."

    "He was so loved by the Indians that they never undertook the commonest transaction of every day life without first security his advice, which was always disinterested and reliable. He assisted in removing the Choctaw tribes to a home beyond the Mississippi after exploring the county with their leaders in 1829." Fine oil paintings of he and his wife are in the State Archives at Montgomery, AL. Along with two hand written volumes, "Reminiscences of the Early History of the Mississippi Territory." These two volumes were presented to the state by his grandson, Dr. Vivian Pendleton Gaines.  

                Children: Mary R. Riley, Anderson, SC   

                Elizabeth Ervin Gaines b.1813 at Fort Stephens.

                George Washington Gaines b.1815 in Mobile, AL-d.1853 in Demopolis, AL.

                Helen Gaines b.1819 at St. Stephens, AL and d.1897. She married Captain Darwin Bullock of the U.S. Army.

                James J. Gaines b.1821-d.c.1876. He married Rose at Little Rock, AR.

                Mary Amelia Gaines b.1823 and d.1893 in State Line, MS.

                Francis "Frank" Young Gaines b.1825 in Demopolis, AL and d.1873 in Tuscahoma, Choctaw County, AL.

                Henry Lawrence Gaines b.1827 and married Mary Earle.

                Abner Strother Gaines b.1832 and d.1905 in State Line, MS. Agent for many years for the M & R Railroad.

                J. Emanuel Gaines b.1835 to c.d.1884 at State Line, MS.


    Martha (Patsey) Washington Gaines b.1787 and d.1851. At 1813 married BENEJAMIN EVERETT, JR., brother of Joseph Everitt and son of Benjamin and Ann Dennis Hull Everitt. She was born in Surry County, NC and d. in Greene County, AL. They were married at Kingsport, TN. He removed in 1814 to South AL with George Strother Gaines. He was appointed assistant agent. They later moved to Greene County, AL. "They settled into the neighborhood of Demopolis where they were brought up to do well, raised a very clever family and became rich. In 1852 he moved to MS where he died.


                James Taylor Gaines Everitt b.1814 in Kingsport, TN. He married 1845 to Elizabeth J. Hite (Hitt). She was born in AL.

                John Ray Everitt b.1817. He married Mary B. ------- b. in SC. They had least four children.

                Elizabeth Strother Everitt b.1819 and married Solomon Hite (Hitt). They had two children .

                Dr. George Gaines Everitt b.1822 in AL and d.1894. He was an M.D. who practiced in Newton, MS. He married in c.1853 Mary          Ann Mayers Watts Hodges. They had four children.

                Martha A. Everitt b.1826, not married.

                Sarah Janet Everitt b.1831 and d.1863, not married.


            1790 Surry, NC

            1813 Marriage

            1824 2 pieces of land

            1830 Lowndes, AL

            1833 1 pieces of land

            1835 2 pieces of land

            1837 1 piece of land

            1840 Residence, Greene, AL

            1850 Residence, Greene, AL

            1867  Deceased 77 years old, Greene Co. AL    


           Sarah Gaines b.1789 in NC and d.1870 in Sullivan County, TN, not married. (This is another of the Gaines)