A Journey To Virginia and Kentucky: George, Thomas, Rawleigh, Simmons, Jesse, Ewell Nellums, and James Samuel E. Everett


Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; Barren County, KY, author unknown; ancestry.com. There is a remark that the Tutt and Everett feud (Marian Co., AR) was here but I could not locate it. The ancestry.com deals with guarantee records and the prescribed genealogy. Some records may be misplaced. 


William Charles Everett and Ann Symons were born in Cornwell, England in 1614 and 1618. They died in Warwick, VA. They had 4 children; George Everett b. 1635 and d. 1712, Richard Everett b. 1644 and d. 1686, Symon Everett b. 1646 and d. 1726, George Everett b. 1651 and d. 1712. They are followed by Christopher Averitt b. 1590 and d. 1625 who came to the US, and (another person) Averitt who remained in England. These are persons I have done studies with but I cannot attempt to justify the activities with them. They may be but they may not be Everetts. 


(1) George Everett b. 1638 in Wicomic, Northumberland, VA and d. 1712 in Lancaster, VA. He married Mary Taylor b. 1659 and d. 1713.


                Thomas Everett b. 1659 and d. 1727

                George Everett b. 1674 and d. 1700 


(2) Thomas Everett b. 1659 and d. 1727. Both at Northumberland Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Catlett in 1696 in Lancaster, VA. She b. 1663 and d. 1726.


                John Everett b. 1683 and d. 1726                                      Sarah Everett ----

                Thomas Everett b. 1685                                                     Lucretia Everett 1689

                Winifred Everett b. 1687 and d. 1766                                Winifred Everett 1697-1746  

                Lucretia Everett b. 1689                                                     Elizabeth Everett 1700-1746

                Sarah Everett b. 1693                                                         William Everett 1700-1757

                William Everett b. 1700                                                      Jesse Everett 1700

                Jesse Everett b. 1706                                                           Rawleigh Everett 1710-1757

                Rawleigh Everett b. 1710 and d. 1757                                Judith Everett 1712

                Judith Everett b. 1712                                                          Mary Everett 1712 

                Mary Everett b. 1712

        Thomas Everett will was made in Lancaster County, VA date July 6, 1726. There was a a lot of religious terminology in the beginning. However he arrived at John Everett all the land in my possession, one land of 100 acres in his possession to Thomas Everett. If the land was departed with Thomas Everett he would give it to John Everett and then that would take into account William Everett. One Winnifred Pullen has 500 lbs of tobacco - his daughter. My other daughter, Mary, Sarah, Judee, and Lucretia Everett shall have a partial payments. Thomas "loving wife" shall have Jesse and Rawleigh and my daughter Judee and Lucretia Everett. My son John Everett shall have possession of my negroes, Anna, Henry and Jenny.  


(3) Rawleigh Everett b. 1710 in Lancaster, VA and died 1757 in Lancaster, VA. He married Sarah Everett. She was b. 1714.


                Simmons Everett b. 1748 and d. 1822

                LeeRoy Everett b. 1752

                John Everett b. 1753 and d. 1846

                William Everett b. 1856


(4) Simmons Everett b. abt 1748 in Northumberland Co., VA and d. 1822 Bedford, VA. Married Virginia Elizabeth Nelms in 1775 in Bedford, VA.

            Children of ----------

                Jeremiah Everett b. 1771 and d. 1833

                Nancy Everett b. 1774 and d. 1849

            Children of Elizabeth Nelms

                Thomas Ewell Everett b. 1776 and d. 1844

                Jesse E. Everett b. 1776 and d. 1857

                John M. Everett b. 1780 and d. 1849

                Samuel Everett b. 1782 and d. 1864

                Elizabeth Everett b. 1784 and d. 1814

                William Everett b. 1785 and d. 1863

                Mahulda Everett b. 1787 and d. 1853

                John M. Everett b. 1794

        Simmons Everett will was transposed July 7, 1822 and his will was read November 25, 1822. The will reads that he has 11 negroes, with each appointed to one or more children. The house he "lent to my daughter Nancy Everett" during her life time. He also orders $100 to my son Jeremiah.


(5) Jesse Everett b. 1775, a native of Bedford, VA, and d. 1847 in Bremer, KY. Married Rachel Gideon in GA. She was b. 1786 and d. 1851.


                Daughter Everett b. ---- and d. 1854

                Ewell Nellums Everett b. 1804/5 and d. 1863

                Samuel C. Everett b. 1805 and d. 1863

                William G. Everett b. 1806 and d. 1883

                Francis G. Everett b. 1810

                Nancy Everett b. 1813

                Isyphena E. Everett b. 1815 and d. 1854

                Julia Ann Everett b. 1818 and d. 1860

                Rebecca Everett b. 1822

                Elizabeth N. Everett b. 1824 and d. 1899

                Mary Elvira Everett b. 1826 and d. 1895

                Emily Jane Everett b. 1830 and d. 1849


(6) Ewell Nellums Everett b. 1804/5 in Barren Co., KY and d. 1863. Ewell N. Everett was married to Sally Duff, daughter of John Duff of Barren Co. She was b. 1800 and d. 1861. Ewell N. Everett was a farmer and owns 237 acres of productive and well cultivated land. He lost seven slaves by the late Civil War. He was a member of the A.F. & A.M. and in the politics is a Democrat. He had one 18 year old Famale mulatto, 16 year old Male Black, 13 year old Male mulatto, 12 year old Female Black, and two others.


                James S. E. Everett.  Married twice. First to (1) Mary Totty in 1859 of Warren Co., KY. She d. 1872. Second to (2) Victoria A. Wright of who was b. 1851

                Mary A. Everett.  1837-1876 to Warren Co., VA  Married to Terry and to Stephens

                Emily J. Everett 1840. Married to Read

                John Q. W. Everett 1841-1920

                Sallie Pulliam Everett 1843-----


(7) James Samuel Ewell (Ed) Everett b. 1835 in the southwestern portion of Barren County, KY, d. 1901 in Barren Co., KY. He was 66 years old. They were married to Mary J. Totty and she was around to 1872. He had 1000 acres of land. He had another wife (2) of Victoria Wright 1851 to 1925. 

            Children of Mary J. Totty:

                Emily J. Everett 1866

                (Samuel Everett)

                (Ewell Everett)

            Children of Victoria Wright:

                Elizabeth Everett 1876

                Minnie Everett 1878

                (Ray Wright Everett 1885-1946)

                Doc Carver

                James Toll