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Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; Genealogical and Family History of the State Of Maine, George Thomas Little, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, NY 1909;

These are the genealogies found in "Descendents of Richard Everett of Dedham, MA" by Edward Franklin Everett. I have reviewed them and there were lots of children's mistakes for Richard but otherwise is was correct. The men were (5) Richard Everett, (6) John Everett, (7) Richard Everett. 

Ralph Everard was b. 1323 and d. 1348 in Mashbury, Essex, England. She married Ralph Everard. She was b. 1327. They had Walter Everard b. 1349.

Walter Everard was b. 1349. He was married to Everard in 1374. They had two children: John Everard and William Everard b. 1375 and d. 1399.


William Everard was b. 1375 and d. 1399 from Essex, England. He was married to Everard. They had two children: William Everett b. 1400 and d. 1431, and John Everard 1402.                                                                                                                                                                                

 These are the continuing genealogy.

(1) William Everard b. 1532 to d. 1613 Holbrook, Suffolk, England. He married Agnes Everard b. 1520. 


            Robert Everett

            William Everett 1560-1560

            Faith Everett 1561-1615

            George Everett 1564

            Alice Everett 1570-72


(2) John Everard b.---- and d. 1570 at 30 years old. He married Rose Greenleafe b. 1540 and d. 1565.


            William Everett b.---- and d. 1613


(3) William Everard b.---- and d. 1613 at 78 years old in Holbrook, Suffolk, England. He married Elizabeth Squier in 1559 at 24. She was b. 1539 and d. 1615.


            George Everard b. 1564 and d. 1615????


(4) George Everard b.---- and d.---- in Holbrook, Suffolk, England. He married Mary Pearse in 1588 at 23. She was b. 1564 and d. 1615.


(5) Richard Everard/Everett b. 1597 in Holbrook, Suffolk, England and d. 1682 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA. He married Mary Winch of Springfield, Hampden, MA in 1643. He was 45 years old. She was b. 1614 and d. 1682.


            John Everett b. 1636 and d. 1715

            Mary Everett b. 1638 and d. 1670

            Samuel Everett b. 1639 and d. 1640

            Ruth Everett b. 1641

            Sarah Everett b. 1641 and d. 1641

            James Everett b. 1643 and d. 1643

            Bethia Everett b. 1644    

            Abigail Everett b. 1647 and d. 1685

            Ruth Everett b. 1653 and d. 1730

            Jedediah Everett b. 1656 and d. 1656


(6) John Evered/Everett b. 1636 and d. in 1715 all in Dedham, Norfolk, MA. He was married to Elizabeth Pepper in 1662 at 16 in Roxbury, MA. He was dead by 69. She listed her b. 1645 and her d. 1714. He is listed as a taxpayer in Dedham in 1662. He was given grants of land in 1668 and 1674. A fence viewer, constable from 1678-84-98-99; tything man in 1700, surveyor of highways in 1704-06. Committee are the line between Dedham and Dorchester in 1682 and afterward, right to buy sachem right of land on Neponset river, and the committee to lay out a highway in 1887-86.

He was called Captain in the 1693 records. He was called Captain in the militia that was active service to protect settlers in New Haven and MA. During King Williams War of 1695 he was called into active service to command a company of men stationed in New Hampshire and Maine to protect the inhabitants from the Indian following the massacre at Oyster River. He was in Kittery, ME on January 9 1694/95 where he witnessed the will of Francis Hook.

John Everett's will was dated August 16, 1710 and proved July 7, 1715. It names his sons-in-law, grandchildren, and sons.   


            Elizabeth Everett b. 1665 and d. 1709

            Hannah Everett b. 1670 and d. 1702

            Bethiah Everett b. 1673 and d. 1694

            John Everett b. 1676 and d. 1751

            William Everett b. 1679 and d. 1765

            Israel Everett b. 1681 and d. 1751

            Richard Everett b. 1683 and d. 1746


(7) Richard Everett b. 1683 and d. 1746 all in Dedham, Norfolk, MA. He was married to Mary Fuller at 24. They married at 1708. She was b. 1687 and d. 1782.


            Joshua Everett b. 1709 and d. 1786

            Mary Everett b. 1711 and d. 1745

            Jeremiah Everett b. 1713 and d. 1798

            Timothy Everett b. 1715 and d. 1745

            Jonathan Everett b. 1717 and d. 1796

            Israel Everett b. 1719 and d. 1803

            Bethiah Everett b. 1722 and d. 1805

            Hannah Everett b. 1725 and d. 1825

            Abigail Everett b. 1727 and d. 1762


(8) Israel Everett b. 1719 and d. 1803 all in Dedham, Norfolk, MA. He was married to Sarah Metcalf in 1743 at 23 years old. She was b. 1720.


            Israel Everett b. 1744

            Nathaniel Everett b. 1745 and d. 1791

            Ebenezer Everett b. 1747 and d. 1816

            William Everett b. 1749 and d. 1815

            Sarah Everett b. 1751 and d. 1838

            Richard Everett b. 1753

            Mary Everett b. 1755

            Joseph Everett b. 1757 and d. 1784

            Aaron Everett b. 1758 and d. 1838

            David Everett b. 1763 and d. 1838

            Margaret Everett b. 1765 and d. 1843


(9) Nathaniel Everett b. 1745 in Dedham, Norfolk, MA and d. 1791 in New London, Merrimack, NH. He was married to Rebecca Connelly in 1769. She identifies herself a b. 1747 and d. 1822.


            Nathaniel Everett b. 1770

            John Everett b. 1773 and d. 1865

            Grace Everett b. 1775

            Jesse Everett b. 1777 and d. 1854

            Samuel Everett b. 1778

            Rebecca Everett b. 1781 and d. 1862

            Sarah Everett b. 1782

            Elizabeth Everett b. 1785

            Betsy Everett b. 1787

            Israel Everett b. 1788 and d. 1789

            Comfort Everett b. 1791


(10) John Everett b. 1773 in Dedham, MA and d. 1865 in New London, NH. John Everett married Sabrina Allen on 1793. After his death she married married Mr. Chilcott, from Iron Bounded Island, Mt. Desert.

        Accompany the Allen family and settled in Gouldsborough. They may have come into this county earlier since there was the calling "the little Englishman." They probably went to the Portsmouth, NH. He may  have been a drum major and evidently died quite young fighting Indians in the west, perhaps in Ohio. As his death appeared the children were within the difficulty of being spread though out the residences. 


            John Everett                           (David Everett 1800-1808

           Henry Everett                            Francis Everett 1803-1884

            Mary Everett                            John Everett 1807-1840

            Hannah Everett                         Belinda Everett 1810

                                                             Adeline Everett 1811

                                                             Sylvester Everett 1813-1840 


(11) Henry Everett married Sally "Sarah" Cole in 1813. Born on March 1, 1793.

          Henry Everett became a family of the Moore, who lived in Prospect Harbor, by whom he was brought up. Henry Everett "meeting of freeholders and inhabitant of Gouldsborough" 1793 upon constable's notification, "Henry Everett was drawn to serve on the petit July to be holden at Penobscot and the third Tuesday of September next." In 1794 Henry Everett was elected one of the "hogreeves of Gouldsborough. He lived on the county road 1795 he resided in Abijah Cole's Ward with the Prospect Mill and the county road.

          Henry Everett when out with Captain Samuel Hadlock, Steve and Obed Clark, to St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland in a vessel called the "Minerva". As nothing was ever heard of the vessel it was supposed that she was lost with all on board.                                                                        


            Henrietta Everett

            Timothy Everett

            Charlotte Everett

            Clement Everett

            Eliza Ann Everett

            George Henry Everett


(12) Timothy Everett b. born 1819 in Prospect Harbor, Maine. He married September 4, 1845 to Portland, Maine Sarah Love. She was b. in Portland, Maine in 1825.

        Sailed from Portland, Maine as a captain of the "barque Louise march 4, 1869. The vessel was lost with all on board." He was a sea captain when they resided in Bath, Maine from 1845-1869.


            Boy Everett died in infancy

            Boy Everett died in infancy

            Ella Marguerita Everett

            Annie Hay Everett

            Edward Sewall Everett


(13) Edward Sewall Everett b. 1855 in Bath, Maine and was educated in the public school. He was 52. He married Lena Marston Josselyn who was born 1857. They married in 1879.

In 1871 he was sixteen years and entered the employ of W.F. Phillips & Company in Portland, Maine. They were the wholesale dealers in drugs and medicines.  From that time until now he was been employed be the same company. Three years in the business was in purchased was other members of the firm and 1884 it was changed to Cook, Everett, & Pennell. He was a Republican.


                Harold Josselyn Everett b. 1883