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MARYLAND: The Earliest Everett Arrivals and Researched Family Lines


            In 1632 the British crown identified 12 million acres on the northern Chesapeake Bay to be the second colony, following the relative successes of Tobacco in the Virginia colony. Beyond the economic goal, the colony was given to the second Lord Baltimore, Cecilius Calvert to establish a community that would offer religious tolerance to both Protestants and Catholics. The first two ships carrying colonists arrived in 1634 and the first capital, St. Mary’s City, was established on a tributary of the Potomac River. Few Catholics actually migrated and the majority of settlers were ones that relocated from Virginia. Many of these settlers were experienced pioneers because a generous headright plan for land was established. The earliest counties established were St. Marys (1637), Kent (1642), Charles (1650), and Anne Arundel (1650).  

            Jane Stubbs Bailey and Vernon Everett completed considerable research on early Everetts in Maryland in an attempt to link these families with those in Virginia and North Carolina (See resources). It is believed by many of us who have researched North Carolina Everetts that there was a family connection between the earliest Nathaniel Everett (I) in eastern North Carolina (See our North Carolina webpage) and a family of early Everetts in Maryland since the former identified in his will two female Everetts and another Nathaniel Everett living in Maryland. They identified a Nathaniel Evett who died in Kent County as early as 1683. They also identified a Richard Everett (c.1655-1708) and a Nathaniel Everett who were living in Anne Arundel County by 1700.

            Another Nathaniel Evett/Evitts/Evetts/Evatts (1634-1683) was identified in Talbot and Kent Counties, and he may have migrated from Rappahannock County, Virginia.


            Other early arrivals before 1700 included:

John Everett 1661, a Quaker, Anne Arundel

Arthur Evitt 1668 Somerset

Henry Averitt/Everett 1676/1678

Phillip Everett and Joseph Everett 1681 Kent

Thomas Everett 1683 Calvert

Robert Everett 1696 Baltimore

Richard Everat 1696 Anne Arundel


            A Captain Thomas Everett/Everard was identified a the Commander of the ship, Thomas & Susanna, that was bound for London from St. Mary’s County


The DNA Project Data


            The data from our DNA Project provides specific DNA profiles of descendants of early progenitors in certain geographical locations. The DNA volunteers and/or their family member researchers have provided the data on their family lines. In some cases, based on the paper research, there may be disagreements as to whom was the earliest progenitor and how the family lines are connected. 



For Maryland we have DNA profiles on the following family lines:


John Everett Baltimore b.1703 and Solomon Everett Baltimore b.1770

Thomas Skilman Everitt New Jersey/Baltimore bc 1803

Philip Everard/Everett b. 1647 Gloucester County, UK transported as a servant in 1667

(presumably with his brother, Joseph, to Kent County

Joseph Everard/Everett (Philip’s brother) bc1652 Gloucester County, UK probably arrived in 1667 with his brother in Kent County

John Evered b.1597 at St. Botolph Bishopgate, London has been identified as the

Grandfather of Philip and Joseph, above.





Jane Stubbs Bailey’s and Vernon L. Everett’s, Nathaniel and Mary (Mitchell) Harrison Everett Of Tyrrell (Now Washington) County, North Carolina And Some Of Their Descendants And Related Families, Plymouth, North Carolina (2001).