Orpheus Everts, M.D.

Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; A Biological History of Eminent and Self-Made Men of the State of Indiana, no author, Vol. 1. Cincinnati, Ohio Western Biographical Publishing Company, 1880; Ancestry.com.

The genealogy may be interpreted wrong due to the Ancestry.com compilations. 


John Everts b. 1640 in Concord, Middlesex, MA and d. 1692 in Guilfort, CT.. He married Mary Bow b. 1635 and d. 1700 or Mary French b.1640 to d. 1677.


            Harrah Everts 1670-1753

            Sarah Everts 1673-1751

            Nathaniel Everts 1675-1739

            Silence Everts 1684-1751


Nathaniel Everts b. 1675 and d. 1739, both in Guilford, New Haven, CT. He married Margaret Hasting b. 1674 and d. 1740. They married in 1707.


            Hannah Everts 1706-1739

            John Everts 1708-1786

            Margaret Everts 1710-1748

            Elijah Everts 1712-1754

            Nathaniel Everts (II) 1719-1791

            Sylvanus Everts 1721-1809


Sylvanus Everts b. 1721 in Guilford, New Haven, CT and died in 1809 in Fair Hope, Rutland, VT. He married (1) Hannah Martha Hoyt and then (2) Elishaba Chittenden b. 1728, Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.

        Children of Hannah Martha Hoyt:

            Oliver Everts 1747-1828

        Children of Elishaba Chittenden:

            Timothy Everts 1749

            Eli Everts 1752               

            Rozel Everts 1755-1762

            Ambrose Everts 1759-1802/3   

            Elisheba Everts 1762

            Sarah Everts 1764

            Roswell Everts 1765-1847

            Electe Everts 1768

            Linus Everts 1770


Ambrose Everts b. 1759 in Salisbury, CT and d. 1802 in Athens Co., OH. He married Achsah Bingham b. 1760 and married her 1784.         (Celebrated Captain Miles Standish of colonial fame.)


            Ambrose Everts

            B. Wheelock Everts

            Dr. Sylvanus Everts b. 1787 and d. 1878

            Achsah Everts b. 1789

            Louise Everts b. 1795

            Gustavus Adolphus Everts b. 1797

            Timothy Everts b. 1801  


Sylvanus Everts, M.D. b. 1787 in Castleton, VT and d. 1878 in Old City Cemetery, Valparaiso, IN. He was married (1) Elizabeth Heywood in 1820. It was Dutch in origin. Settling in VT. He wedded (2) Susannah Parker b. 1787 in MA. and d. 1815. One uncle in the same medical profession. He lived in Union, IN in 1830; La Porte, IN in 1840; Michigan City, IN in 1850; and Valparaiso 1860 to is death at 1878.                            

        Children of Susannah Parker:

            Sophia Everts b. 1802 and d. 1896

            Rezin Everts b. 1814 and d. 1881


        Children of Elizabeth Heywood:

            Son Everts

            Son Everts

            Sarah Everts b. 1823 and d. 1907

            Dr. Orpheus Everts b. 1826 and d. 1903

            Carroll Everts b. 1828

                        Mary A. Everts (1 year old at Father's 72 birthday)

            Julia Elvira Everts b. 1830

            Dr. Thomas Heywood Everts b. 1835 and d. 1925


Orpheus Everts, MD b. 1826 near the Salem (Friends) Meeting House in Union Co., IN. He was married in Mary Jane Richards, March 14, 1847, St. Charles, Illinois. They had three sons and two daughter. "Dr. Everts is a large man, standing six feet two and half inches high, well proportioned, weighing two hundred and sixteen pounds. He is the nervo-sanguine temperament, with large brown eyes, and hair now changing to gray, and he wears a full beard...worthy and well qualified."

   Three brothers in the same profession. His school was better than it was as it supported by the society of Friends who employed good instructor.  "All personal effort and application was outside of school-house or college edifice." The boys used their father as an active and laborious practice of his profession. His choice would have been mechanical and architectural had he been left to choose for himself. He received the Doctor of Medicine in the class 1845-1846 and commenced practice in the village of St. Charles, IL. This was thirty miles from Chicago. He returned to Laporte, IN in 1852, abandoning medical practice and assumed the publication and editorship of a weekly Democratic partisan journal. He was Democratic elector from the state in 1856 and cast an electoral vote for James Buchanan for President. He was appointed register, by Mr. Buchanan, of the state residence in Northwest, Wisconsin in 1858.

    He returned on the breaking out of the Civil War (Rebellion) and was commissioned surgeon of the 20th Indiana Volunteers by governor Morton. He served with the Third and Second Corps of the Army of the Potomac until he mustered out of the corps in July,         1865. As the surgeon-in-chief of the brigade and division, and acting medical director of the corps on the staff of General Robinson, Ward, Birney, Mott, and Humphreys.

    He had tendered the position of superintendent of the Indiana Hospital for the Insane (unsolicited) in November, 1868. Dr. Everts returned to medical practice after the war in locating in Michigan City, Indiana. The doctor is a member of the State Medical Society, Academy of Medicine, Association of American Superintendents of Insane Hospital and Asylum, and the Industrial Life Insurance Company of Indiana. He has no connection with any religious society. His father, living at 91, is a believer in Christianity and a Universalist in faith. The mother was a conscience driven skeptic seeking a certain faith.


            Dr. Charles Carroff Everts b. 1853 - d. 1929

            Juliet  M. Everts b. 1860

            Orpheus Everts b. 1861 - d. 1880

            William P. Everts b. 1862 - d. 1900

            Caroline Coburn Everts b. 1869 - d. 1907