Craig A. Everett, Interpreter; Betty Hicks Clay is biographer;;


(1) Charles Everett b. 1607 in England


(2) Thomas Everett

            George Everett and John Everett as uncles


(3) Daniel Everett b. 1670 in Farnham Parish, Rappahannock Co., VA.  He was married to Ann Elmore 1674-1750 in Farnham Parish, Rappahahhock Co., VA. They were married in 1691.

    One other account is that William who lived in Major Weir South Side of Rappahahock. They had 3000 acres in 1666 and settled 60 people in there.


(4) William Everett b. 1692 and d. 1757 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond.


                Anne Everett 1716-

                Elizabeth Everett 1720-

                Lucrecy Everett 1725-

                Sarah Everett 1729-1796

                Daniel Everett 1731-1803

                George Everett 1734-

                William Everett 1736-

                Ruth Everett 1742


(5) Daniel Everett b. abt 1731/33 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, VA and d. abt 1803 in Birch Creek Township, Halifax County, VA. He was married by Francis Everett (and Thomas Colson). Charles Kennon's List in 1777, Pittsylvania Co., VA is Daniel  Everett. This Daniel Everett may have been person who signed the Virginia Declaration of Impendence, before the famous one. Many signers go to their son and have him named Signer or Signor. He signed the Pittsylvania Co. the Oath of Allegiance in 1777 and filled Revolutionary War in Pittsylvania Co.    

In 1768 sold 160 acres of land in Richmond Co. for 40 L sterling and on the same day paid 80 L sterling for Frances to refuse her the right to dower. Calling to question the motherhood of Sydnor.


                Million "Millie" Everett b. 1756 North Farnham and d. after 1834, Birch Creek, Camden Parish, Pittsylvania Co., VA. She married Joseph Slaton in 1770 at Birch Creek Township, VA. He was b. 1741 and d. 1819.

                John Everett b. abt 1757/8. He married Plebe Rilla Atkinson.

                Anne Everett b. in 1758-

                Travis Everett b. abt 1759 in Pittsylvania Co., VA and d. 1818. He participated in the 1803 Georgia Land Lottery, sold his land in Oglethorpe, GA in 1805 and witness a deed in Oglethorpe, GA in 1813.

                Epaphraditas "Eppa" Everett b. abt 1760. He married (1) Catherine Everett in 1793 of Pittsylvania, VA with William Everett provided surety. He was married (2) with Casey Everett in 1798 Pittsylvania, VA.                   

                Sarah Everett b. 1761 in Richmond Co., VA and d. 1832 in Wilkes County, GA. She married Urich Owen.

                William Everett b. 1763 in North Farnham and d. 1842. Married (1) Catherine Knows and (2) Jane Baleio in 1813 in Knox Co., TN. Lived in Knox Co. in 1840.

                Margaret "Peggy" Everett b. abt 1764. Married Jeptha Cornelius.

                Daniel Everett b. abt 1765. Married Sarah Caldwell in 1801 in Halifax Co., VA. He was in Halifax by 1785.

                Sydnor Everett b. 1775 in NC and d. abt 1855 in Trigg Co., KY. Married Tabita Owen in 1801 in Oglethorpe, GA.


(6) Sydney Everett Sr. b. abt 1775 in VA and d. abt 1845 in Trigg Co., KY. Married 1801 in Oglethorpe Co., GA to Tabitha Owen. She was b. abt 1780 and d. 1845 in Trigg Co., KY.


                Lucinda Everett b. abt 1802 in Oglethorpe Co., GA and d. abt Monroe Co., AR. Census in 1850 Monroe Co., AR. Married to ---- Stunson abt 1820 in Steward Co., TN.

                Elizabeth Everett b. abt 1805 in Oglethorpe Co., GA and d. 1855 in Monroe Co., AR. She married abt 1825 in Steward Co., TN ---- Miles. Census 1850 in Monroe Co., AR.

                Susanna Everett b. abt 1806 in Oglethorpe Co., GA and d. before 1850. She married a Boze Ford in 1823 in Calloway Co., KY.

                Lydia Eccles Everett b. 1808 in Oglethorpe Co., GA d. 1885 in Stewart Co., TN. She married Irwin Barrow abt 1825 Erwin Barrow in Stewart Co., TN

                Emily Everett b. abt 1810 in Oglethorpe Co., GA and d. abt 1860 in Monroe Co., AR. She married a Nathan Rushing in abt 1830 in Stewart Co., TN.

                Eppes Everett abt 1815 in OH and d. abt 1859 Monroe Co., AR. Married to Rebecca Everett abt 1832 Stewart Co., TN.

                Sydnor Everett, Jr. b. abt 1818 in OH and d. abt 1859 in Monroe Co., AR. He was married first to (1) Mary Evelyn Miles in Stewart Co., TN. They were in Monroe Co., AR in 1843-45. Setting in VA,  North Carolina, and found him in 1840 at which time he was 65. I died abt 1845. Mary Evelyn died in December of 1849 of pneumonia and was listed on the 1850 mortality index in AR. He later married a second wife, (2) Nancy J. Rushing.

                Reuben O. Everett b. abt 1826 in Calloway Co., KY and d. after 1860 Monroe Co., AR. He was married to Mary Taylor in Monroe Co., AR.


(7) Sydney Everett, Jr. b. ----- Married (1) Mary Miles and then married (2) Nancy Rushing

            Children with Mary Miles:

                Emerine Everett b. abt 1840 in KY. She was married to William Ables on 1860. He was born in AL in 1839 and d. after 1900.

                Mary Everett b. 1850 in AR in d. there. She was married to William F. Hill in 1869 in Morer Co. He was born 1850 in Ark and died there.

            Children with Nancy Rushing:

                Rubin O. Everett. They migrated to Search Co., AR in 1880 and finally to Faulkner Co., AR in 1890. He married Martha Everett who was a Cherokee and a Choctaw. She had parents that died when young (between 1860-1870). She represent an OK and raised in NW AR by a Mrs. Church. Rubin O. Everett was disowned by his family because he married an Indian woman. Photos of Martha and her children show distinct Indian features but no rewards have been found. She was listed on her Death Certificate as "while." Rubin O. Everett was a farmer and she was a housekeeper. Neither could read or write. He was in 1900 a farmer is Faulkner Co., AR. He death place was destroyed by a tornado.

                Francis Catherine Everett b. 1800 in AR and d. 1956.

                James Franklin Everett b. 1882 in AR.

                Lena Everett was born 1884 in AR.

                Laura J. Everett was born 1888 in AR and diedd in 11922 in El Paso, Cartage, AL.

                Joseph Allen was b. 1894 in AR and d. 1971 in Jefferson Co., AR.